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How to (really) improve your reputation

Corporate reputation is not such a vague notion as it may seem to some: it directly influences stakeholder behaviour and hence business results. People will be more willing to buy the products and services of an organisation, recommend it, invest in it, work for it with commitment, and give it the benefit of the doubt in case of a crisis, if its reputation is good.

What influences your organisation’s reputation?

More and more organisations in Belgium proactively manage their reputation. Doing so, starts by realising that three Experience Points create the perception of your stakeholders towards your organisation. First of all, there is the ‘direct experience’ that stakeholders have with what your organisation does. For example, by buying your products, through customer services or while working for your organisation. 

Secondly, perception is influenced by what the organisation says about itself via its campaigns and initiatives. Think about your corporate communication and marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, partnerships.

Thirdly, your reputation is impacted by what others say about you. Third party perspectives, such as recommendations or comments on social media, are a major influencer.

If what stakeholders experience on these three levels sounds right and relevant, coherent and aligned we speak of an excellent corporate reputation.

Measuring is another indispensable step in reputation management

In achieving an excellent corporate reputation it is key to measure it thoroughly. akkanto, as the exclusive partner of Reputation Institute (RI) in Belgium, uses RI's scientifically based RepTrak methodology. This approach not only measures the current reputation, its drivers and barriers but also the supportive behaviours that can be expected. akkanto measures the reputation of renowned Belgian companies with this methodology on a yearly basis. In the RepTrak® Belgium 2016 an extra focus has been put on the impact of sponsorship on corporate reputations. Moreover, as of this year, we launch the most extensive reputation tracking ever in Belgium by offering to companies to opt for continuous tracking.

Are you curious to learn more about your company’s reputation and about the RepTrak® Belgium 2016? Companies included in this tracking can already order a company specific report, and tailored formulas are available for other companies as well.

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