To make the countdown to the new year even more exciting, we gave the floor to one of our experts each day. They looked back at the past year and anticipated possible communication trends for 2020.


Public affairs

Our public affairs experts, Emily Hoyos and Bjorn Andries, were the first to gaze in a crystal ball. The formation of the federal government, the rejuvenation of the party leaders and the still important role of social media in politics are just a few of the things they talked about:


Internal communication

Isabel Casteleyn reflected on past and future trends in the field of internal communication. According to her, the year 2019 can be described as “the year of awareness”. Why? You’ll find out here:


Reputation management

Today, 87% of an organisation’s value  depends on intangible assets, such as reputation. akkanto is convinced that measurement is one of the keys to knowing the perception of an organisation. But what do you need to know, according to Walter Gelens, about the past and present year  in terms of reputation management? You can discover that here:


Financial communication

Our expert Thierry Bouckaert points out that financial markets and companies need stability to enable investments and long-term visions. What does he believe will be the trends in financial communication in 2020? Check it out here:


Crisis communication

Possible links between fake news, deepfakes and crisis communication? Our expert in crisis communication Julien Radart explains what he expects in 2020!


Corporate communication

In recent years, we have noticed an evolution in stakeholder expectations from “inform me” to “convince me”. In the years to come this will further evolve towards “captivate me”, according to  sixth up expert Carl Buyck, who looked back and predicted some corporate communication trends for 2020.


Digital communication

On the eve of the new year, Mathieu van Overstraeten had the honor of closing akkanto’s countdown. In the last video, he talks about the return of the podcast. Moreover, in 2020, he expects organizations to increasingly  use their own communication channels to boost their visibility. Find out what he has to say in the following video: