Thursday, 1PM. The suspense in the virtual room is palpable. Only a few moments until the start of the crisis exercise and everyone is for action… All participants are waiting in their bubble, be it in Belgium or beyond. You can almost hear them think: what type of scenario has the akkanto team come up with now? What can we expect from such a virtual crisis exercise? How are we supposed to discuss action plans together if we’re not in the same room?

Admittedly, the script was juicy. Our colleagues playing journalists and other stakeholders were definitely in character and our client sure went viral on our simulated social media platform. Participants did not shy away from the exercise and were keen to weather the crisis together.

Phew, mission accomplished! The IT tools we used were definitely an asset. This makes us think: ‘live’ crisis exercises may no longer trump virtual ones. With a few rules set up, you would almost forget that in normal circumstances, you physically would be in a room full of people.

We need to adapt to these new sets of circumstances, but all in all, it was quite realistic, was it not? Indeed, even with our dear friend Corona out of the picture, another type of crisis can strike at any time – even before your alarm goes off in the morning, during which you will not be in the same room with your colleagues either… And for those working in international companies? Remote collaboration is standard procedure.

Whatever the circumstances, at akkanto we have adapted our training offer to this new reality. Indeed, the wait may still be long if you wish to postpone your crisis exercise, focus group or media training to when people are allowed to meet again in real life. So why not organize a virtual one with us?! Our offer guarantees the usual high-quality, realistic learning experience you can expect from us.

At akkanto our goal is to live up to our promise and level up your relationship with your (internal or external) stakeholders. We will help you strengthen your collaboration with your team, be it virtually or not. Testimony to this is the digital focus group we organized for the Nuclear Forum:

“In 2020 we asked akkanto to organize various focus groups. When physical meetings were made impossible by the Covid pandemic, akkanto nevertheless convinced us to organize digital focus groups. Initially we were a bit skeptical and worried that the digital format would not produce the same results as a physical one, but akkanto convinced us otherwise. The digital focus groups were a great success and provided us with high-quality results.”

What about you? How can we help you overcome your next challenge? Get in touch with us.


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