financial communication

In today’s business environment, the value assessment of a company is the product of a complex set of interactions between financial markets and the broader societal environment in which it operates. For this reason, akkanto provides an integrated approach to financial communications, focusing on two angles: ‘profitability’ and societal value.

Companies are facing two types of pressure that are increasingly interlinked: making a profit and contributing to the society in which they operate. The real value of a company today is whether it can organise itself to respond to both economic and societal challenges, and achieve a level of understanding with all its constituencies.

The increasing complexity of managing the value perception of a company has transformed the ways in which we define and communicate this value. It requires a fundamentally new strategic approach to financial communications. We therefore provide an integrated two-angle approach to help clients display and creatively communicate their financial strength, strategic vision and business value.

Focusing on transactions, we help to enhance the societal and financial validation of our clients while building the confidence of investors and stakeholders. Throughout this exercise, we are careful to manage relations with all partners and stakeholders in order to maximise the value of the operation.

Specifically, we help clients involved in M&As, IPOs or other fundraising to navigate the Belgian societal landscape before, during and after the operation.

What we can support you with:

  • Analyse the general and company-specific economic and societal context, as well as any challenges that could impact the company’s overall value assessment, and evaluate all communication challenges and opportunities.
  • Identify, engage and leverage key players to ensure a company’s corporate and strategic vision resonates effectively within a broader social and economic context
  • Develop the right strategy and tailored stakeholder management and action plans to effectively manage and communicate a company’s tangible and intangible assets.
  • Create coherent and powerful narratives and define the right messages for the right stakeholders at the right time
  • Develop creative financial and non-financial communication and reporting strategies.
  • Anticipate issues to turn crisis into opportunity, and swiftly manage crisis situations.
  • Day-to-day financial communications.

Contact person

Thierry Bouckaert
Independent Senior Advisor