internal communication

Employees who understand how they can contribute to a successful organisation feel proud to do so and ultimately spread the organisation’s story themselves. That is what we aim for at akkanto.

DREAM IT – Translate your ambitions into simple messages

Determine the core messages you want to share with your target audience and write the inspiring story behind your organisation together with akkanto.

Identify the mindset and behaviours you expect from your employees and executives in order to achieve your goal.


MAKE IT HAPPEN – Share your story and inspire your employees

An internal communication plan should ensure that all employees receive the right message via the right channel at the right time.

Executives have an essential role in shaping the organisation’s culture: informing and setting the right example.


LIVE IT – Surround your employees with successful stories

Lean on the strengths of your employees who already have the right attitude and who naturally show the desired behaviour: they are your ambassadors.

Thanks to their influence, desired behaviours will spread and be strengthened organically throughout the organisation.

What we can support you with:

  • Messaging & storytelling
  • Visualisation of the organisation’s strategy
  • Change and internal crisis communication
  • Changing behaviour and communication
  • Cascade communication: Training & coaching of executives
  • Identification and training & coaching of ambassadors
  • Useful toolkits
  • Internal campaigns, roadshows, all employee meetings
  • Analysis and optimisation of the internal communication channels (mix)
  • Implementation of new internal communication channels
  • Measurement: surveys, interviews, focus groups,…

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