Whatever the reasons for the nature and scale of your restructuring, you will need support. Because reorganisation demands flawless coordination and communication.

With a consistent and planned approach, akkanto can help you to preserve your reputation and the motivation of your staff sustainably.
The recommended approach for this type of delicate communication encompasses the three main phases of reorganisation:

Preparing the announcement of intent and communication during the various phases of information, consultation and negotiation (in the case of a Renault law).

Developing key messages and controlling communication with all stakeholders before, during and after the announcement of the reorganisation (aligning management decisions, legal aspects and human resources).
This is to maintain reputation, ensure dialogue with employees and maintain the trust of customers, suppliers, government agencies and the general public.

Post-reorganisation management, including internal communication and change management

What we can support you with:

  • Communication strategy and planning
  • Messaging (message map, Q&A, holding statement, internal notes, press releases)
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Media relations management
  • Training (media training spokesperson and dry run)
  • Development of tools (dark site, videos, etc.)
  • Implementation of a change plan