There’s a time for thinking and a time for doing , where a little extra impulse is needed to get the right word out. It might be that you need to explain the new company strategy to your team or to align your key messages for a media interview. Whether you need to get your company’s voice heard during a crisis and protect its reputation or better anticipate the needs of your stakeholders, exceptional communication skills are critical for a successful outcome.

Our akkanto trainers are seasoned communication professionals with long-standing experience of training different audiences. The training programmes are designed to match your communication objectives, for immediate results. Our coaching sessions are very hands-on and modelled as much as possible on real-life situations.

What we can support you with:

Below, you will find a snapshot of akkanto’s communication training offering. Don’t hesitate to contact us  to set up your personalised training program.

  • Communication skills
  • Media Training
  • Storytelling workshop
  • Writing a press release
  • Public speaking workshop and dry-run
  • Preparing for a successful stakeholder meeting
  • Preparing for an efficient public debate
  • Leadership and ambassador coaching
  • Persuasive writing
  • Addressing an internal audience
  • Social media training (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Framing and nudging
  • Knowledge trainings and workshops
  • Understanding the Belgian political landscape
  • Belgian Media Landscape
  • Social media landscape
  • Workshops
  • Change communication
  • Leadership
  • Social media in crisis communication
  • Crisis communication and crisis handling
  • Crisis and simulation exercises
  • Positioning and mission/vision
  • Messaging and framing
  • CEO positioning
  • Sustainability messaging