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A crisis can strike at any time: an operational incident, a product recall, a legal process, rumours on social media, etc. But do you need to communicate? Perhaps not? akkanto helps you to prepare your teams and to prevent potential crises. And if you do find yourself in dire straits, we can assist you in protecting your reputation.

Preparing for a crisis

Adequate preparation is crucial for crisis communication management. As an organisation, you need to know in advance how you are going to tackle operational or reputational crises. akkanto helps you prepare your teams and prevent potential crises. The right preparation helps you to minimise possible risks and the potential impact on sales, your image, the motivation of your employees and your relationship with the authorities.

Together with you, akkanto can:

  • Analyse your current level of vulnerability and preparedness
  • Prepare your organisation and your crisis teams for a crisis
  • Raise awareness, train and professionalise your teams
  • Test your processes with various crisis exercises

Crisis management

Facing a crisis can be quite impactful. In the event of a crisis, we can support your teams in managing the crisis and safeguarding your reputation.

akkanto can:

  • Advise you on designing a strategy
  • Assist you at the scene of the incident and manage requests from stakeholders
  • Assist and/or help lead your crisis management and communication teams
  • Develop your communication documents

Crisis Hotline

Crises do not just happen during office hours. You can always reach us on +32 2 610.10.00. Our experienced and multidisciplinary team is at your service 24/7.

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A restructuring often feels like the end of a story. But with the right (communication) approach, it can also mean a fresh start. Your success will depend on your ability to explain why and how your organisation needs to change. akkanto guides you in engaging with your employees and the outside world in a sincere and empathetic manner.

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