With an intelligent and targeted strategy you can ensure that your voice is heard in the public and political debate and that the policy environment is favourable to realising your organisation’s goals. akkanto can help you with this.

akkanto advises and guides you in creating and implementing an effective public affairs strategy.

We stay on top of the political, economic and public environment in which you operate, we identify threats and opportunities and analyse the opinions of relevant stakeholders and their potential influence. We create a comprehensive and coherent story based on meaningful arguments. As a consequence, you take part in the public debate in a credible and convincing way. We create a strategy and develop an action plan to raise your stakeholders’ awareness of a certain issue. We inform them about your opinions and convince them of the public added value of the solutions you offer.

Our consultants have extensive experience of working with national and regional policy institutions and have unrivalled mastery of the written and unwritten rules of Belgium’s decision-making processes.

What we can support you with:

  • Identifying stakeholders (mapping)
  • Political monitoring and policy analysis (monitoring)
  • Determining opinions: creating position papers, memoranda, factsheets… (messaging)
  • Developing a targeted strategy and action plan (mindsetting)
  • Public affairs trainings & workshops (mentoring)
  • Federation and coalition management

Contact persons

Bjorn Andries

Emily Hoyos
Independent Senior Advisor