public affairs

Leverage your reputation

The Belgian political landscape, with its complex web of institutions, is difficult to comprehend, let alone influence. A solid reputation is an important lever for influencing political decisions. Because having something to say is not enough: you need the licence to speak.

akkanto maps out the environment in which your organisation operates, develops a convincing message and implements the right strategy to achieve your objectives.


Together, we analyse your challenges and define your public affairs objectives. We frame your problem and formulate the right messages. We identify the important stakeholders and determine how you can engage with them. We keep you informed and provide advice about the latest social, political and legislative developments and trends. We support you with:

  • Stakeholder mappings and audits
  • Issue analysis
  • Political monitoring and (social) media monitoring
  • Ad hoc advice

Training and coaching

We offer the following training courses and coaching sessions:

  • Workshop around framing
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Political landscape training
  • Persuasive writing and debating training


We translate your strategy into an impactful plan and support you in its implementation.
akkanto can help you with:

  • Copywriting: policy papers, memoranda, white papers, etc.
  • Facilitating contact with stakeholders

Get noticed.
Be relevant.
Have impact.

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